The Farm House B&B

Oathill Farm Holiday and Touring Park

...welcomes well behaved pets

With a network of Public Footpaths passing through our 10 acre site there is plenty of dog walking opportunities and we also have our own designated areas.

Wayford Woods
Open Field

Petting Corner

Four white goats live on a farm
As happy as can be
Have lots of company

There’s QUACKERS the duck who waddles around
Following little black hen
She thinks she’s her mother
In truth she’s just a friend

COCK A DOODLE struts in view
Holding his head up high
I’m King of the roost crows he
As his harem of hens pass by

The faithful farm dog wags his tail
As children move in sight
His duty is to guard them
So he barks with all his might

His friends the farm cats hear him
And to his side they race
Yet all they see is one small mouse
(Who straight away they chase)

The farmhouse staff are busy
Preparing meals for guests,
Their food is quite delicious
(It passes every test)

They also feed their live-stock
And treat them with great care
Allowing them their freedom
To move anywhere

As for PATCH the docile cow
She just chews the cud
Knowing she is lucky
To live where she is loved.

If the animals could talk
You would hear them say -
Thank you for your visit
Come again one day - By Pearl Hallett